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Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

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Type of support available

  • Accessible learning space
  • Adapted accomodation
  • Campus tours
  • Specialist knowledge within disability service
  • Support available from academic staff
  • Specialist groups or disabled students network

Advice and Support

Funding for an SpLD assessment

Can a student be referred for a Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) support with a Specialist teacher through the University?

Free dyslexia/dyspraxia/ADHD 60-minute screening appointments with specialist tutors are offered. 

Approximately 20% of students at Central are dyslexic or dyspraxic, ADHD learners.

Disability Adviser available

Are there specialist staff available to talk to within the service?  Is there a disability officer or a disability adviser for students to talk to?

Disability advice available prior to application, after offer and also when students register on our courses.

Advise staff; advocate for students; carry out non-DSA assessments of needs and disseminate adjustment plans to teaching staff.

Support from academic staff

Is advice and support available from academic staff within the faculties of the University? How do students access this advice and support?

Academic staff have access to student’s Reasonable Adjustment Plans.

Each student has a Personal academic tutor. 

Staff continuity and understanding individual needs

Are the specialist disability staff in the team able to offer a personalised, bespoke response to a student’s needs? Where possible, is continuity provided for the student in meeting the same Disability Adviser and/or mentor so the student can get to know them over time?

We are a small team with 2 Disability Service Managers and 1 SpLD Co-ordinator and 1 Senior SpLD tutor.

We currently have 8 SpLD VL tutors and 3 Mentors. Mentoring support is with the same mentor over a period of time, as is 1:1 SpLD support. This ensures an effective bond is nurtured and is student centred, though students can request to change their tutors/mentors when/if necessary.  

One to one mentoring support

Are there any additional services available such as mentoring, counselling services or a buddy scheme to help a new student to settle in if needed?

One-to-one in-house mentoring is available

Counselling service is available

Some courses have a buddy scheme (not specifically disability related)

One to one / group study skills

Does the institution provide support with arranging One to one/Group study skills sessions?

Yes, the majority of neurodiverse students have 1:1 specialist study-skills support.

Central also has an academic writing learning support service for all students – this is primarily offered as a virtual service.

Social and Peer Support

Specialist support groups

Are there specialist support groups or a disabled students network available at the University?

The Inclusion SU Officer offers some surgeries and group activities .

Clubs and societies

Are there opportunities provided by the institution’s Students Union, Student Support service or Wellbeing service to take part in inclusive and accessible clubs and societies?

All communications from the Student Union have dyslexia friendly version attached with an audio description.


Adapted accommodation in halls

Is adapted accommodation and specialist equipment available in halls of residence?

Central has no accommodation of its own but has a small allocation from the University of London halls.  Their stock does offer adapted accommodation.

Assistive Technology

Does the institution offer a standard level of assistive technology to disabled students?

We have some assistive technology on dedicated PCs in the library.

COVID-19 support

How has your Disability Support offer changed in light of the Coronavirus pandemic? Are in person appointments currently suspended? If prospective applicants would like to register with the Disability Service, how do they go about doing this currently?

All support moved online and remains there for the moment.  Student can access advice sessions remotely, but we have arranged onsite meetings when needed (such as a specialist tours or campus orientation).

Prospective students can also request remote appointments and register online. Moving forward, we intend to offer a hybrid service especially for the 1:1 support – Mentoring and specialist 1:1 sessions.