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Type of support available

  • Accessible learning space
  • Adapted accomodation
  • Campus tours
  • Specialist knowledge within disability service
  • Support available from academic staff
  • Specialist groups or disabled students network

Advice and Support

Funding for an SpLD assessment

Can a student be referred for a Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) support with a Specialist teacher through the University?

Students are encouraged to approach the Welfare Service when they need reasonable adjustments. Around their SpLD needs, the Welfare Service will draw up an Action Plan and allocate a Specialist Mentor to ensure their needs are being met, and additional support is provided.

Disability Adviser available

Are there specialist staff available to talk to within the service?  Is there a disability officer or a disability adviser for students to talk to?

All matters concerning student disabilities and personal challenges are managed by the Welfare Coordinator, who provides advice, support & signposting to other services;

Welfare Service is confidential and designed to meet the needs of students with all types of disabilities.

Support from academic staff

Is advice and support available from academic staff within the faculties of the University? How do students access this advice and support?

All students are eligible to access the academic mentor service. Students can access the support either through their tutors or by expressing their concern to the Welfare Service.

An academic mentor facilitates access to academic materials, identifies barriers to learning, and provides support and guidance for as long as needed. The programme maximises students’ potential, promotes self-esteem, independence and work ethic.

Staff continuity and understanding individual needs

Are the specialist disability staff in the team able to offer a personalised, bespoke response to a student’s needs? Where possible, is continuity provided for the student in meeting the same Disability Adviser and/or mentor so the student can get to know them over time?

The Welfare Department team aims to provide continuity by ensuring students see the same member of staff each time they require an appointment.

The college provides advice and support on a wide range of personalised welfare issues, that go beyond student’s academic achievement, such as: personal relationships, domestic abuse, homelessness, feeling lonely, financial struggles, etc.

One to one mentoring support

Are there any additional services available such as mentoring, counselling services or a buddy scheme to help a new student to settle in if needed?

Mont Rose College aims to provide a welcoming mentoring environment for all students who wish to use the service. A mentor liaises with the Tutors/Head of Department to find the best possible way to fulfil student’s potential, to support skill development and academic achievement.

The mentor updates the Action Plan after each session with the student, assists with finding required material, explains set work, helps with problem solving, gives advice and different approaches to completing assignments; guides through and helps the student to recognise, and reflect upon his/her progress.

Mont Rose College provides a buddy scheme for those students who may be feeling vulnerable or lonely.

One to one / group study skills

Does the institution provide support with arranging One to one/Group study skills sessions?

Starting with September 2019, we are providing the Academic Skills programme to all new students. The rationale behind it is to ensure they all acquire the skills they need to successfully complete their course.

We have also integrated Employability Skills within the programme, to increase their progression rate. The services mentioned above are also available as One-to-one sessions, facilitated by academic mentors and careers staff members.

Social and Peer Support

Specialist support groups

Are there specialist support groups or a disabled students network available at the University?

Mont Rose College are discussing the logistics of opening a forum for students.

The college aims to also provide a live chat service during office hours, for students to access the welfare service and get their questions answered in real time.

Clubs and societies

Are there opportunities provided by the institution’s Students Union, Student Support service or Wellbeing service to take part in inclusive and accessible clubs and societies?

The Students’ Union vales the students’ wellbeing and does provide access to a variety of programmes the student can enjoy. The Wellness Club provides students with access to group exercise sessions, organised by fitness professionals, aimed at increasing awareness on the benefits of movement and nutrition.

Group discussions are organised regularly and on a variety of topics. This gives students the opportunity to come together and share stories and experiences.


Adapted accommodation in halls

Is adapted accommodation and specialist equipment available in halls of residence?

Mont Rose College does not provide accommodation for its students.

Assistive Technology

Does the institution offer a standard level of assistive technology to disabled students?

Students with personal challenges, who require extra support in terms of accessing specific technology, are encouraged to complete a DSA referral.

Laptops provided through Disabled Students Allowance are fully equipped with assistive technology. In addition to that, full training is provided on using certain software packages.

COVID-19 support

How has your Disability Support offer changed in light of the Coronavirus pandemic? Are in person appointments currently suspended? If prospective applicants would like to register with the Disability Service, how do they go about doing this currently?

In light with the evolving COVID-19 situation Welfare drop-in sessions were suspended until further notice; however, alternative arrangements and help have been put in place for students to have the access to full support:

  1. Online via the Mont Rose College website: Student Welfare
  2. Contacting Student Welfare on (0)20 8556 5009 (ext. 1022)
  3. Via email: [email protected]
  4. Via Zoom for video calls.