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Type of support available

  • Accessible learning space
  • Adapted accomodation
  • Campus tours
  • Specialist knowledge within disability service
  • Support available from academic staff
  • Specialist groups or disabled students network

Advice and Support

Funding for an SpLD assessment

Can a student be referred for a Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) support with a Specialist teacher through the University?

Free screening for Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and support with accessing a full diagnostic assessment for SpLD (e.g. dyslexia)

Disability Adviser available

Are there specialist staff available to talk to within the service?  Is there a disability officer or a disability adviser for students to talk to?

Students can request a one-to-one session with a Disability Advisor to discuss their needs and issues, along with potential solutions. Disability Advisers also help current ICMP students at any point in their studies (from first to final year): arranging access to DSA, implementing support plans and arrangements, and liaising with staff and teams inside and outside ICMP in order to ensure support is working effectively.

Support from academic staff

Is advice and support available from academic staff within the faculties of the University? How do students access this advice and support?

The Disability Advisor facilitates institutional ‘reasonable adjustments’ for students (e.g. special arrangements for exams and other on-course support arrangements), which are shared with the relevant programme leader and academic team. Students can request additional guidance from tutors, and academic teams offer additional (timetabled) academic support sessions for assessments.

Staff continuity and understanding individual needs

Are the specialist disability staff in the team able to offer a personalised, bespoke response to a student’s needs? Where possible, is continuity provided for the student in meeting the same Disability Adviser and/or mentor so the student can get to know them over time?

The Disability Advisers each work with a caseload of specific courses; they regularly meet programme leaders and offer ongoing support to all disabled students on their allocated courses. This allows students to work with one consistent, named Disability Adviser and to access personalised, bespoke support. For students whose primary diagnosis is mental health related, they may also work on an ongoing and consistent basis with a named Mental Health Adviser who can collaborate with the Disability Advisers if necessary.

One to one mentoring support

Are there any additional services available such as mentoring, counselling services or a buddy scheme to help a new student to settle in if needed?

Students may have access to additional support options, depending on their individual support requirements. Examples of additional support which can be offered to ICMP students, free of charge, include: 1-1 sessions (usually up to 6 sessions) with a professional counsellor, NLP coach or Alexander Technique practitioner. Group sessions are also offered with the NLP coach, focussed on motivation, positive thinking and managing time / workloads.

One to one / group study skills

Does the institution provide support with arranging One to one/Group study skills sessions?

We are able to offer both 1-1 and group study-skills support sessions. These may be drop-in coursework support sessions (same days every week); bookable group study skills support sessions, or bookable 1-1 study skills sessions (usually up to 6 sessions). We can also offer group or 1-1 support sessions focused on time-management and organisation.

Social and Peer Support

Specialist support groups

Are there specialist support groups or a disabled students network available at the University?

We currently have a specialist support group available for students diagnosed with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition).

We also run student welcome / transition events before the start of each academic year and some of these are specific to certain groups of people, e.g. students with ASC, students with mental health diagnosis, care-leavers or care-experienced students, and mature students.

Clubs and societies

Are there opportunities provided by the institution’s Students Union, Student Support service or Wellbeing service to take part in inclusive and accessible clubs and societies?

ICMP does not currently have a Students’ Union. However our Events & Marketing Team run a large and diverse range of events and activities for all students, designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.


Adapted accommodation in halls

Is adapted accommodation and specialist equipment available in halls of residence?

ICMP does not offer any student accommodation, although can offer general information, guidance and support around finding private accommodation in the local area.

Assistive Technology

Does the institution offer a standard level of assistive technology to disabled students?

The ICMP Disability & Wellbeing Team can offer advice and support about common assistive technologies and disability-friendly hardware and software. This includes support for things like: screen readers, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, time-management and organisation, mind-mapping, accessibility tools and much more.

The majority of our on-site computers are Apple Mac and benefit from the inbuilt assistive technology features common to the Apple Mac platform.

COVID-19 support

How has your Disability Support offer changed in light of the Coronavirus pandemic? Are in person appointments currently suspended? If prospective applicants would like to register with the Disability Service, how do they go about doing this currently?

ICMP has responded pro-actively to student support requirements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Disability & Wellbeing Team is currently working remotely but can offer in-person (on-site) appointments where needed and on request, as well as telephone / online appointments. We have expanded our Mental Health team and Disability Support provision and ensured all support is available remotely. To register with our Disability & Wellbeing service, prospective students should complete our online support referral form or email [email protected].