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My transition from college to university was a tough journey as I never thought I would ever be studying at university due to me being dyslexic. For my dreams and hopes, I studied art and design at Uxbridge college for a total of 4 years. I had a desire for art from a young age. I had to retake maths and English due to being dyslexic myself so I studied art and design at Uxbridge college where I completed my BTEC diplomas in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 in Art and Design. I succeeded and passed all my diplomas to have the dream to study Fine Art at the University of East London and currently in my last year now. 

The steps before you get to university as a disabled student you shouldn’t think about your disability when you apply to university. Check what support is available to you. Declare and mention your disability state when you’re applying to university so that the university can put out extra support in place.

Ruby , Student at University of East London

I disclosed my disability with my tutors and lecturers and the disability team here. All the tutors and lecturers are really supportive and helpful. Also, the disability team were also helpful and it was a comfortable experience although I do feel anxious expressing my disability at times where uel does help you and I also express it in my
artworks within in my chosen course too in fine arts but there are loads of courses to choose from. Also, there is more help available where you can speak to the wellbeing team where it will help you through your difficult times too if you feel uncomfortable about your disability.

Why did I choose my course because I have had a desire for fine art since my childhood where I had a dream to be a future artist. And I am interested in fine art as art has helped me throughout my life with my disability as my work is celebrating the physical and emotional journey I have undertaken throughout my life. At a young age, I attended my art therapy sessions during my childhood. I had interests in art, producing artworks in my therapy sessions. I had a passion for drawing and painting.

Art has to support me throughout my life; with me developing my speaking and writing. At the age of five, I was diagnosed with a speech-language impairment; affecting my self-confidence. Through the ongoing support of a charity called Contact a Family. I have grown into a strongly independent and fearless individual. Why this university because it's full of diversity and has amazing facilities. You will feel like here is a second home everyone is so friendly, kind supportive and there are loads of students with various disability needs so you won’t feel insecure you will feel the diversity coming in as its amazing. As the years go by your confidence will develop stronger as when I started a few years ago I was feeling the insecurities but soon as you speak to so many diverse people you will feel comfortable in expressing your
disability in such a diverse community.

My advice would always believe in your dreams and hopes. Don't let your disability affect you. From applying to university there are always options to study at BTEC at colleges or a foundation course at university to then progress onto doing a degree. Keep going, keep trying is my advice as myself experienced a journey from college to doing a degree.

Ruby , Student at University of East London