Meet Marcel

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Mixed race woman with black hair in bob. Wearing camo shirt top.


What was your transition like from college into university? What information did you need to consider?

The support i needed in terms of academic skills and writing structure i did not realise how much my learning disability would effect my writing skills. I'm grateful that there is tools and sources available to guide me.'

What steps should you take before you get to university as a disabled/vulnerable student?

'Researching what support is available, asking how and in what way lectures support individuals with disadvantages. Also help and support for care leavers such as myself as I knew Coventry did supply help for care leavers but this help was only offer to individuals in the main campus. Havering and Barking and Dagenham have one of the highest intake of looked after children, some individuals may benefit going to a university that offers support to care leavers.'

I'm grateful that I was offered counselling, support with my dyslexia and a lot of advice and information was given. Support was also given filling out forms and contacting other services.

Marcel , Student at CU London

What would your one piece of advice be to a prospective disabled university student who's still in college, considering their options?

'Ask as many questions as you can about your concern, offers and support available to met your needs.'

How did you go about disclosing your disability to the Wellbeing Service, as well as your fellow course peers? Did you feel able to and comfortable to do so?

I was offered a new plan as mine had run out which was great as it allowed me to gain more support to help me in my studies. I did not feel completely confident as i do feel some people do not understand dyslexia.But in all my learning experiences its a part of life not everyone will understand or get it. That not a reflection on my work and what im capable of acheving, with expirence grows confident.