Aimhigher London's vision

Aimhigher London is a team of dedicated education professionals who believe in equality of opportunity.

We work with over 50 partners to engage over 1,000 young people every year  in collaborative outreach activities such as conferences, summer schools, subject taster sessions, student ambassador led sessions, application support and mentoring.

These activities raise awareness of opportunity, increase aspirations and support young people to make informed choices about their futures.

We also reinforce the messages imparted to learners by working with their families/carers and key support staff.

Why we do it 

Aimhigher London believes in the benefits of Higher Education to individuals, the economy and the wider social context of society. We recognise Higher Education:

  • Helps individuals recognise their potential, supports their pathway to a successful career and contributes significantly to physical and mental well-being;
  • Supports the wider economy by providing a more highly qualified and skilled workforce;
  • Develops active, committed citizens that make a positive contribution to society.

We believe everyone, who has the potential, should have fair access to benefit from these opportunities.

Working collaboratively allows for greater economies of scale, engagement, co-ordination, impartiality and avoids duplication.

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